James Joyce


volume 8, issue 2 (July 2007)


Editorial Notes


I. 2007 Prague James Joyce Colloquium - A Selection


Introductory Remarks

Louis Armand


The Writing of Growth and the Growths of Writing

Finn Fordham


Questioning Technology in Ithaca

Sam Slote



II. 2007 Trieste James Joyce Summer School - A Selection


The Problem of Genesis in the Texts of Joyce

Jed Deppman


Joyce, Liberature and Writing of the Book

Katarzyna Bazarnik



III. "Nightletter": Non Serviam!, Tetragrammaton, Shelta


On the Wings of Angels: Stephen's Flight as a National Plight

Maura Harrington


“Say Yeh And Wah Say”: Paronomastic Kenoma and the Idiotic Tetragrammaton in Finnegans Wake III.3

Nicholas Morris


“Tincurs Tammit!”: Joyce, Travelers, and Shelta

William Sayers



Notes on Contributors


Joyce-related titles from Litteraria Pragensia Books