James Joyce


volume 7, issue 1 (February 2006)


Editorial Notes

Introductory announcements * The James Joyce Scholars’ Collection *
International James Joyce Foundation Announces Fact-Finding Panel on the
Permissions Practices of the Estate of James Joyce * Polyoptical Cyclops *
Some Recent Joyce Publications


Visualising Joyce

Ian Gunn & Mark Wright


Joycean Choreo-graphies of Writing in Stephen Hero and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Laurent Milesi


On Relativity, Synaesthesia and Materiality

Louis Armand


Parallax Opoponax

Valerie Benejam


Feigning Dublin: Joyce's Repositionings of his Readers

Alan R Roughley


His Master's Voice: A Portrait of the Artist as Propagandist

Mark Wollaeger


Being-for-Others in "Two Gallants": Sycophancy and Symbiosis

Jim LeBlanc


Bad Joyce: Anti-Aesthetic Practices in Ulysses

Brian Richardson


Bootstrapping Finnegans Wake

Alexandra Dumitrescu


Notes on Contributors


Joyce-related titles from Litteraria Pragensia Books