Hypermedia Joyce Studies welcomes works representing any critical approach to any of Joyce's works. Articles that involve feminism, cultural studies, postcoloniality, popular culture, poststructuralism, media and technology, historicism, formalism, textual criticism, etc. etc. are welcome.

In order to make use of the Web's capacities for hypertext and multimedia, we are particularly interested in articles written for hypertext and those that incorporate visual or sound elements. Articles of this kind could not be published in a print journal except in a drastically different form.

We are also interested in short pieces which bring to light archival discoveries or offer concise readings of specific elements within Joyce's works.

Authors interested in submitting work to HJS are invited to send
email the editors in order to make arrangements for the file format and medium of submission.

Unsolicited email submissions, without prior consultation with the editors, will not be read.
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