James Joyce


VOLUME 13 (2014)


Editorial Notes


Let's Play Finnegans Wake

Andrew Ferguson


"Gopher Tuna" and Other Ways Of Getting Things Wrong

John Gordon


Redundancy, Modernism, and Readers' Expectations: An Experiment in Joyce Prediction

David Letzler


Wandering No-bodies: Posturing and Imposturing in Ulysses and Mrs Dalloway

Victoria Lévêque


"The Abnihilisation of the Etym" (Finnegans Wake, 353)

William Sayers


"Call her calamity electrifies man": ALP and the Movement of Archive in Finnegans Wake

Ellen Scheible


Failed Mary, Stuck in Place: Number Symbolism and the Occult in James Joyce's "Clay"

Jarica Watts


Notes on Contributors


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