James Joyce


VOLUME 12 (2012)


Editorial Notes


V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Joyce's Hermetic Acronym

Steven Bond


Illustrating Techno-Poetic-Scapes: Acousmatic Rhizomes Behind Ulysses' Text

Jesse Chase


Bloom Plays a Blinder: Schmittian Reflections on the "Cyclops" Episode

Brian Garvey


Food for Thought: Cannibalistic translation in the Lestrygonians episode of James Joyce's

Ida Klitgaard


Museyrooms and Möbius Effects: A Ruim of History in Finnegans Wake

Andrew V. McFeaters


Between ciXous & joYce: a Most Plumitive Affair

Ginette Michaud


A Cultured Allroundman at the University of Life: Schematic Knowledge and Self-Culture in "Ithaca"

Gregory O. Smith


Notes on Contributors


Joyce-related titles from Litteraria Pragensia Books