James Joyce


Special Prague Symposium Issue (2010-2011)


Editorial Note


I. 2010 XXIInd Prague International James Joyce Symposium - A Report


Joyce in Prague, June 13-18, 2010

Ian Hays


II. 2010 XXIInd Prague International James Joyce Symposium - A Selection of Essays


“Proteus”: Signs and Signatures of Modern Allegory. A Portrait of the Artist as an Interpreter

Silvia Annavini


Searching for Voyages in China by Viator: Some Possible Sources

Susan Bazargan


How Limited is Your Edition? Meditations on a New Wake

Tim Conley


...Slowly....Slowly...Catch a Self...

Mark Corcoran


"genghis is ghoon for you": Guinness, Capitalism, and Nationalism in Finnegans Wake

Cat Gubernatis Dannen


Escaping History: Gnostic and Hermetic Trajectories in Joyce's Ulysses

Nick De Marco


Falling into Heidegger and Joyce: HCE and Dasein as Existential Narrative

Michael Gilbert


Grain or Grape: The Semiotics of Sauce

John Gordon


On the Footsteps of Shahrzad in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake: The Rustle of Persian Language

Leila Baradaran Jamili


"Phonoscopically Incuriosited": Phoneme Within Mechanisms Of Finnegans Wake

Sonja Jankov


Slices Of Life: The Artist As Vivisector In Giacomo Joyce

Mark David Kaufman


The Sands Of Pleasure: Prostitution And Modernity

R. Brandon Kershner


"Part to Hole Duty" (FW 18.31): Synecdoche in Roman Jakobson and James Joyce

Mary Libertin


Melville Be Melville Before Joyce: A Most Unlikely Palimpsest

Jesse H McKnight


The Ambiguities of the Joycean Adverb: From Temporal and Logical Disruptions to Optical Disorders

Caroline Morillot


"Saor an tSeanbhean Bhocht !":A Plummy, Postcolonial Progression from Hag to Spéirbhean in Joyce's Ulysses

Christin Mary Mulligan


The question of "alterity" and Stephen's search for an origin in "being" in Ulysses

Patricia Pericic


“Bloom’s Dark Eyes Went By”: Vision, Sound, and the Imperative of the Opaque Sign

Lindsey Pollock


Joyce and Kafka: Visual Technologies, Pleasure and Anxiety

Katharine Streip


"The Sisters", "The Dead", and Ron Butlin's Night Visits

Elizabeth Kate Switaj


A Portrait as a Counseling Case Study

Jerry L. Terrill


James Joyce's Finnegans Wake: A Universal Culture

Bahman Zarrinjooee


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